Список полезных выражений для подготовки устного высказывания по ситуации

(Взято из журнала “Замежныя мовы у Рэспубліцы Беларусь” №4, 2011)

If you don’t mind

I think, I’ll start with


Now I’d like to say a few words about

I suppose:

To make the story about.. .complete I can only add that...

I can’t but (also) mention

I must admit

I must confess

I fully agree with the words of the poem

It’s common knowledge that

Frankly speaking

To tell you the truth

On the one hand

On the other hand

Just on the contrary

In conclusion I’d like to say that



As a matter of fact

In my opinion/to my mind

It goes without saying that

As I have already said


First of all I’d like to mention

As far as ... is/are concerned

For example

On the whole

Personally I think

As for mej..

In addition to all this we can’t but mention (say)